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Keep the after-school learning going at home with these academic and enrichment activities

Working Together to Create a Culture of Learning

Amazing things are happening at CLC! Helping youth in Lincoln develop skills that support health, academic achievement and creativity.

Lincoln Community Learning Centers provide a fun, educational delivery system that uses neighborhood schools as the central gathering place for students, families and neighborhoods.

CLC clubs provide high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. These clubs offer a variety of activities that complement and amplify what they’re learning in school. CLC clubs help develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills as well as encourages community and parent engagement for the success of the children.


CLC Students outperform their peers in math and science.


Parents indicate that the no. 1 reason they enroll their children in CLC programming is for supervision during critical hours after school.


With CLC’s programs, every student learns skills that will help them flourish and live a long, healthy life.

Our Principles


Lifelong Learning


Outcome Focused

Neighborhood Based

Community Leadership

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